Interview with Crusader

Crusader has just released a new Ep with synthwave and hip-hop vibes to it.

Check this great music melange and the interview he kindly accepted to answer.


Headphones For Robots: Who is Crusader?

Crusader: I’m a French artist based in Lyon. My real name is “Alexandre Méaux” but who cares? Crusader is shorten

HFR: How did you start making music? I Could you tell us a bit about your influences? I heard you made hip hop before, how have you discovered synthwave?

C: I started making music when I was 13. At that time I used to make fan 2D video games and I’ve started put some pieces of music together, trying to make something cool. It was so much fun for me that it became a passion.

Indeed I’ve always loved hip-hop rhythms. When I started making music seriously it was pure Hip-Hop (And I still think this is one of the best styles to learn differents drums rhythms).

Then, a few years later… I’ve fallen in love with cinematography. Step by step I started turning my music style from hip-hop to Film score and Epic Soundtrack.

My relationship with Synthwave is kind of weird… I’ve always been a fan of retro stuff! I’m still playing on my old Sega MEGADRIVE (Sonic The Hedgehog and Street Of Rage rules the world) My favorite movies are all Back To The Future (That’s why I have a full-size poster of the movie right in front of me when I writing music).

But I’ve never really had the idea to make Synthwave music. A Friend of mine who was making a Retro Wave style short movie asked me to compose a Soundtrack for it… I still remember when I started to listen to retro wave / synthwave music, and at this moment my mind and my ears blew up! I was shocked… This style was clearly the style I wanted to do !

So I spent several months listening to all artists (Nina, Mitch Murder, Carpenter Brut, Com Truise, Perturbator, Kavinsky, Power Gloves and many others) and said: “Yea: I want to do it but what can I add to that ?”

HFR: Can you tell us about Space Guardian, your new EP?

C: After experimenting on some synthwave/hip-hop style, I wanted to do something serious with it !

So I decided to work on my Debut EP… I wanted to start a serious adventure in Synthwave music ! My goal was to create a kind of perfect match between SynthWave / Hip-Hop and Soundtrack styles.

Obviously the Soundtrack part give me the idea to create a character ! The space soundscape turned the character into a Space Guardian !

My greatest fear was and still is that synthwave community sees my music as a disrespect to synthwave style by mixing all that influences.

HFR: What is your approach on writing music? Which are the steps you make when songwriting?

C: The first step is to watch my Back To The Future poster… Second step is to try to find a Badass bassline ! Then I let time do the rest…

Also I always have my phone with me to record any melody that come in my mind ! So usefull !

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments?

C: For now, I don’t own any synthesizer. I only work with VST’s like “U-he DIVA, NI MASSIVE and NI Kontakt” I spend way more time working on sound design with massive than working on actual writing.

HFR: There is a lot of French new talents emerging in the synthwave scene, how do you explain that?  

C: I don’t know to be honest ! I’ve seen a lot of French new talents as well (LVX stand out really well). Maybe France is waking up ! Anyway it’s an amazing news

HFR: Crusader in a near future? Are there any shows coming up within 2017?

C: Shows are definitely what I want to do in the future. But not in 2017 ! I’ve just started this adventure and I want to experiment more.

I’m currently working on my second EP while working on my First Album… But let’s focus about the EP first !   

HFR: Last words?

C: Thank you very much HFR for giving me the opportunity to talk about me and my music ! As a new artist I really appreciate this and I really hope you guys enjoyed my work ! Stay Retro !

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