Sumatran Black – El Trabajo Del Diablo

Sumatran Black is originally from the UK but currently operating out of Istanbul, Turkey. His music is an inky concoction of minimalist dark ambient blackness and lo-fi melancholy nostalgia, he likes to call it, “Necro Chill” .

 “I was always interested in the relaxing quality that dark music could have. So I’m trying to create music that is very dark but that is also comforting to the listener. My long term of objective is to combine the best elements of synth-based Ambient Black Metal tracks such as Burzum’s Tomhet and albums like Lurker of Chalice – Lurker of Chalice, with Electronic Ambient and Drone projects such as GAS and Stars of the Lid. Black Box Memories is my take on the synth side of that spectrum”


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