Blazer Cru – Night Rider

Blazer Cru is Todd Lemoine electronic music project focusing on Synthwave, Darkwave, and 80’s retro.

“When I could barely walk, my dad would play me songs on the organ. I loved it, and use to make him play it all the time. As I was growing up, I became fascinated with the synthesizer. I have always loved playing it. But, guitar was my main interest. So it moved to the background. Over the years, and all the albums I’ve done, synthesizers have always been an influence. Whether it’s the music of my favorite director John Carpenter, or the way my childhood guitar hero Eddie Van Halen used it in his songs, it has always been there. My latest album, which is a sci-fi rock concept album, has an interesting blend of progressive rock, post-hardcore, and synthwave. It is being released internationally July 15th. Blazer Cru! is a tribute to my love of synthesizers and instrumental music. Long live Synthwave! :)”


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