Don’t Shoot by Olestronic

Igor Olestra AKA Olestronic, is an electronic synthpop producer from Seattle, US.
“Most of my songs are about the need for people to acknowledge the importance of kindness and ethics in our lives, and the positive possibilities and solidarities that could ripple out from acting on that acknowledgment. This song, “Don’t Shoot”, is no exception. Ideologically I am inspired by the ’80s Red Wedge/Rock Against Racism/Two-Tone movements in the UK, and by the spirit of inclusivity of ’70s soul and disco and ’80s machine funk, scenes that made marginalized and vulnerable people and identities mainstream. The moral outrage over and the sharp criticism of warmongering, jingoism, and soulless corporatism expressed by such Industrial artists as Skinny Puppy and Ministry also play into my wheelhouse. I’m very hopeful that today an ethical creative culture can once again arise to help people to stand up to create space for effective, equitable, and meaningful change in society; if there is to be any hope of holding onto our lives or our humanity, we need to oppose and counter the concerted propaganda and legislative efforts of the divisive and dehumanizing corporatist right wing, both in the US and around the world.
That’s pop music for you.”

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Don’t Shoot – Lyrics

You want to live
where we could afford
to be kinder
You want to live where we
could all just breathe

You say you want to get a little reminder
of the way we could love
if we didn’t compete

They say hands up
We say don’t shoot
Keep your hearts where we can see them
Keep your eyes on this truth

We will not die
we will not kill
and we won’t live in a grave
that will never be filled

You only want a road ahead clear of danger
you only want a home away from want

So tired of haunting your own life like a stranger
sold out like you’re something someone else got

No more hands up
No more don’t shoot
We have our hearts where you can see them
this is the truth

We will not die
we will not kill
and we won’t live in a grave
that will never be filled

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