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Starscapes by crystalblue64

“I’m  from the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the centers of synth music since the 1960’s.   I’ve only been recently introduced to synthesizers after acquiring an old Kurzweil K2000 from a local musician a few months ago in a yard sale.  I’ve been obsessed with synth music ever since.
I’m not good with computers, so I do not use a DAW  to make music.  I use vintage hardware synths and a sequencer only because it’s easier for me to do things the old way.

My style of music is hard to define…  I’d say it’s retro, cinematic ambient that is driven by melody, not beats or bass.  All of my music uses minor modes or scales. Many of my songs feature some intentional,  subtle dissonance or clashing notes.   Therefore, the tone of my music is more on the dark side.
My music is inspired by the 80’s.  But not the stuff you hear from many Synthwave bands.  My sound is heavily influenced by the 80’s underground such as early 80’s Post Punk  (Joy Division, the Chameleons, etc.) and late 80’s early 90’s Neoclassical Darkwave (Dead Can Dance) “
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