Streetgazer is a one-man project of a guy, amateur hobbyist-musician called Roni Laukkarinen.

“I’m a zeek, as they said back then, a geek with low musical self-esteem. People call me Rolle. I’m from Finland who was born in the 80s and still in love with the stuff that was created back then.

The project started in January, 2017, when after listening synth music for years, decided it’s time to make some of my own. Been playing piano since a boy and a bit guitar during teenage years, but reading musical notes was really never my strongest point. Created my first website at the beginning of Internet when I was 10 years old and after getting into computers, I created less music, more web. Sold all my other equipment, except classical piano.

When time went by, I discovered the modern DAWs and decided it doesn’t have to be “pro” and you don’t need expensive physical equipment as long as you enjoy the music yourself. I have many musical talents amongst my friends and most of them said to me just put it out there. So that’s what I did. Been really surprised people like my tunes even though I don’t have that much time to fine-tune them. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to make 80s to sound 21st century – it’s more than okay them to be a bit “dirty” in my opinion. My biggest inspiration is The Midnight, Sunglasses Kid and Timecop1983. I hope something between Sunglasses Kid and The Midnight would be a future description of Streetgazer’s music, as I like more raw, “pure 80s” and romantic dreamy style than modern or dark Carpenter Brut / Perturbator style.

It took over a year for me to come public with this project, so it may take some time to get more songs, but my attitude is I have nothing to lose now. Streetgazer is and will always be a hobby, a moment of joy for myself, to experiment and develop my self-esteem and me musically, and that’s why I’m so flattered and honored about any feedback whatsoever.”

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