Rogue Neon – Spectral (Ft Deutan Diablo)

Let’s discover Rogue Neon, from Nottingham, UK.

“In my childhood, I first fell in love with music after watching the animated Transformers movie and Rocky 4, and from countless video games that I played growing up.

I had been writing music as a hobby for a while but my interest had been dwindling until I discovered the synthwave genre. Since then I’ve never run short of amazing music to listen to, and my inspiration has been revitalized.
Since beginning to learn how to make the music and in starting to take production more seriously, I’ve made lots of friends on the scene who have given me advice and support to help me on the way.

I’m hoping to release more music in 2018, potentially with guitar and vocals included, but I still have a lot to learn technically to get the sound I’m wanting to achieve. ”

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