Sportello – Griffin

Sportello is a new project led by Stephan from Hannover, Germany.

” Sportello was found in late 2017. It is, in fact, my third time trying to get into producing synthwave. I “discovered” the genre back in 2006 when Kavinsky released “Teddy Boy” and “1986” and started to write a couple of songs on my own.”

“They were never released and back then I did not know that there was a whole scene for this kind of music. Did another project a couple of years later which, again, did not release anything. I came up with the concept for Sportello in 2013, did a couple of songs, again, did not release them but kept the idea and some of the graphics for the project until finally, in 2017, I put together a couple of songs that I think are worth to be released.

“Griffin” is the debut-single of the project. The title and the artwork are inspired by a certain Swedish carmaker that sadly is no more but which I am a big fan of.
I am working on five more songs to be released as an EP and I am looking for a label to release them.”

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instagam: @sportello2000

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