Introspect – Love Like Blood (Feat. Enlia)

Originally a metal bass player, Introspect is a French electronic music producer whose music lies at the intersection of Synthwave, French Touch and dark electro. His music typically blends heavy synths and percussion with live bass and guitar to create dark, groovy, progressive tracks. His debut album, “Chicago Nights”, was released in November 2017.

« “Love Like Blood” (originally performed by Killing Joke) is a cover of one of my favorite post-punk songs, a style of music that I have enjoyed listening to since I was a teenager. I really wanted to cover that song and I thought it would be interesting to cover an 80s song that doesn’t really fit the vision of the 80s that we usually see in the synthwave community. I wanted the cover to be really driving and upbeat, but also to keep the melancholy of the original, and that’s why I brought in my producer friend Enlia who did an awesome job with her beautiful, ethereal  voice. »

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