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Interview with Knichael Might

The Interstellar Chronicles is the title of Knichael Might new EP.

We took the time to discuss the release with him.

Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: Who is Knichael Might?

Knichael Might: Knichael Might is just me Chris Severn and a handful of synths. I’ve been involved in making music for 20+ years. It was only in the last handful that synthwave was where I knew I needed to be. I was making music before that but it never really fit where I was trying to put it. Synthwave gave me a permanent home.

HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences?

KM: I started making music a long, long time ago with friends. We wrote some songs recorded some albums and all that. It wasn’t until the last 4 years or so that a friend of mine pushed me the direction of synthwave. I found the perfect outlet for my style and the rest is what it is.

My influences are pretty much all over the place. For this album though I was heavily influenced by early Genesis and also some of the more obscure 80’s stuff like Rupert Hine and some others.

HFR: Can you tell us about The Interstellar Chronicles your new EP?

KM: So my last album had a light theme of this kind of like special agent space explorer (James Bond meets Buck Rogers meets Buckaroo Banzai) type character known as Kincade.  The interstellar chronicles is supposed to be the soundtrack to another journey of his. This one has more of an 80s space feel to it.

HFR: You are selling a limited edition cassette. What’s appealing in this physical format? Do you own a tape player?

KM: Yeah so I did a cassette on the last album and it went over amazingly well. I did it again on this one and it seems to be getting just as good of a response. I think cassettes are making a comeback in this genre specifically because it is still so underground and to me it just makes sense. It is also one of those formats that is just fun to own and be a part of.  I own two cassette decks. One that is connected to my stereo and a walkman.

HFR: What is your approach on writing music? Which are the steps you make when songwriting?

KM: For me I start with a drum track. It usually isn’t the final one, or even mine, For that matter. Just something that invokes the right feel for the song. For lack of a better way to describe it I build my other parts around that and then swap out the drums for my vision of the track near the end.

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What are your favorite synths and drum machines and why?

KM: On Interstellar Chronicles, I wrote every song using sounds and synths I could create playing live.  I wanted to be able to play this entire album live with very limited tracks just being played back. It meant having to take a different approach than normal. I ended up using the Jupiter 8 and OBX-a for large amount of this EP. The drums are almost all directly from a Roland JD-800. All three of those synths are just the best to me. They all have a special place in my heart for different reasons. To me, the JD-800 just looks like a spaceship and I love driving one. The Jupiter 8 and Obx are just so classic that it feels like you playing history to me when you fire one up. Even if it is the softsynth version. They just put me in the right mindset.  I used a ton if other soft synth and hardware for various little bells and whistles but otherwise it is just those three

HFR: What do you believe is the most challenging thing to achieve while composing?

KM: Man.. I suppose just being able to capture the fire. I mean there are some songs you hear and they just sound great. I think I got close this time with Brave Memories.  I’m not saying I want all my music to sound like that, I just hope that I can keep getting closer to that fire in general.

HFR: KM in a near future?

KM: Well I have a few more merch ideas I’m in the process of sorting out. Another EP later this year for sure. I’m also in the process of scoring a full-length documentary about Ralph Baer, the creator of PONG.  That’s gonna be sweet but involves an amazing amount of time. I would also love to finish my synthwave soundtrack to the 1986 Stallone vehicle – Cobra. But I have a feeling that will be bleeding over until next year since it is more of a personal project than something someone actually wants to hear it.

HFR: Last words?

KM: Just wanna thank everyone who supports me. It is so cool to me to be able to hear about and see people enjoying something that I made. I’ve made some really great connections and got to interact with some awesome people because of synthwave. I’m excited to see where this crazy train takes all of us that are heavily involved in the scene.

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