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Microchip Terror – “If you were” Interview

Microchip Terror, from Singapore, has released, at the beginning of 2018, Illegal Experiment, his first full-length album.

He kindly accepted to play a small  “If you were… ” interview. A fun way to understand better his personality and music.

If you were a movie

Something low budget with cheesy gory practical effects like “The Deadly Spawn”.

If you were an album

A sci-fi horror themed album with Thrash Metal / Progressive elements fused with the early Industrial elements like a blend of Voivod – “Killing Technology” & Tetsuo The Iron Man 1’s OST.

If you were a book

I haven’t read a ton of books but I really enjoyed 1984 and Neuromancer, mix them together and adding some Stephen King horror elements sounds like something I would like to be.

If you were an emotion

Probably tired.

If you were a musical instrument

A bass key-tar if there’s such a thing? I play bass and now I’m starting to play keyboards so having a 2-in one sounds great.

If you were a sport

Walking, if it is considered a sport.

If you were the best moment spent producing your album

Planning the album artwork, aside from music and films I take a lot of inspiration from artwork. Might be weird to some people but the artwork was the first thing I actually think about when I start working on an album.

If you were the worst moment spent producing your album

Mixing because that’s when all the self-doubt/hate begins 🙁

If you were synthwave

I would stop trying to be strictly 80s, I love 80s inspired music but that’s not the only thing in life that is awesome.

If you were Donald Trump

I’ll use the money to buy Ableton Live Suite or FL for all the electro-music makers who can’t afford (like myself hehe).

If you were Drake

Not familiar with him, sorry.

If you were what you want

I’m never pleased with myself so that is quite impossible!

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