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Interview with We Are Magonia

We love Darksynth music at Headphones for robots, so we were really happy to chat with We Are Magonia, a French band from Lyon who has just released Apocalypse, their first album, a darker than dark synthwave masterpiece.

Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: We are Magonia, who are you?

We are Magonia: Hi, we are 3 producers/musicians from Lyon, France

 HFR: How did you meet together? What were you doing before?

WAM:  We know each other for years and we are making music together in various projects for something like 10 years

HFR: WAM…  you like the 80’s don’t you? Where does the name of the band come from?

WAM:  Magonia was the name of a land where Aliens came from, and the bishop Agobard reported sightings of them in Lyon around 800 A.D.

HFR: You have chosen to release Apocalypse, your first album, on June 6th, Saint Norbert in France. Why so?

WAM: Yeah, We chose to release it on June 6th, at 6 PM. Maybe Satan‘s second name is Norbert, who knows!

HFR: Your album blends synthwave, darksynth with some strong classical music influences. What is your musical background? What are your main influences?

WAM: Our main influence resides in Metal music which itself was very influenced by classical music. We like melodic stuff but we also always try to maintain a dark atmosphere in our tracks. Baroque influences are perfect for that purpose!

On the other hand, we’re influenced by 80’s French pop artists who also used a lot of Synths.

HFR: What was your approach on writing the album together?

WAM: All 3 of us take part in the writing process, and it usually comes together in one direction. However, each one of us brings some different skills which make the writing process complete. We have to find the melodies, rhythms and guitar parts, tweaking sounds on synths. Then make all those different elements work together during mixing and mastering!

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments?

WAM: We are sequencing everything with FL studio which we all use for a looooong time now. Lately, we really like to work on a 1982 Korg Polysix which cannot sound bad. We really like vintage gear! The difference with vst’s (yes we also use a lot of vst :D) is whatever you do with old synths, it will sound authentic and 80’s as fuck!
Here’s a small list of our studio gear: Novation Bass Station 2, Crumar Multiman S2, DSI Prophet 6, DSI Prophet Rev.2, Roland JX-8P, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno 6, Ensoniq EPS, Model D, Korg Poly800, Arturia Microbrute and a Modular synth.

HFR: In a near future, will you go live? Do you have other projects?

WAM: We actually working on our live set! We really want to break this pattern of boring electronic live acts with a single guy moving air behind his laptop. It involves a lot of work on the music itself but also on video and lights.

HFR: Last words?

WAM:  Thanks for this interview! Thanks to everybody who supported us so far! Enjoy life and worship satan !!!

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