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Interview with Rsxperiments

Rsxperiments has recently released Mystery Of The Science City, a dystopic cyberpunk concept EP. We took the time to ask him a few questions he gladly accepted to answer. Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: Who is Rsxperiments? Where do you come from?

Rsxperiments: Rsxperiments is a solo ‘synthwave/electro’ project based in Tallinn, Estonia. I’m Mark, a 27-year-old Game Developer passionate about making music.

Why Rsxperiments? Initially, I used this moniker as a placeholder name, based on one of my online nicknames – RS, but kind of got stuck with it.

Now I’m pretending that Rsxperiments stands for Retro Sound Experiments. 🙂

HFR: What’s the earliest memory you have of music? Could you tell us a bit about your musical influences?

R: In my childhood, I used to listen a lot to ‘Electric City of Music Instructor’. It is my first favorite album.

Kraftwerk and Daft Punk also played a subtle, but fundamental role in my childhood.

Worth to mention that in my adolescence I used to listen predominantly to Rock and Metal.

I am also a big fan of Frank Klepacki music (Dune, C&C Tiberian Sun, Red Alert…). He is also one of my biggest inspirators.

Oh, and about direct inspiration. Video games like Contra, Deus Ex, and Metal Gear Solid. Movies like Robocop and Terminator. William Gibson’s works.

They all play a huge role in the mood of my music. And that was before I knew that Synthwave exists.

Waveshaper is a main culprit who inspired and motivated me to actually CREATE music! He is also the reason why I love and use space/future synths.

That’s when Rsxperiments project was born.

Fun Fact: I used to create simple music in MTV Music Generator when I was a kid. I think that was Drum and Bass. 🙂

HFR: If you had to bring a video game, a book and a movie on a desert planet without WIFI, what would you choose? Why?

R: Undoubtedly it is going to be the original Deus Ex. I’ve passed this game at least four times and will pass at least ten more times in my lifetime.

HFR: What was your approach on writing Mystery Of The Science City?

R: At first I didn’t plan this album out. I just wanted to create something robotic and cyberpunkish, while also upbeat.

I produced ‘Tsukuba Underground Cybernetics Lab’. The concept of cybernetic implant laboratory in Japanese science city was stuck in my head, so I’ve decided to make a full musical story.

Heavy ‘electric’ bass, strong drums and unrefined robotic synths are three main ingredients for ‘Mystery of the Science City’.

HFR: Scientism, Transhumanism : What is you opinion? Does it matter?

R: While I have no opinion on Scientism itself, I am always for scientific progress.

Transhumanism is the future. I think that we are already slowly entering the age of bionic implants.

Hopefully, I’ll get my enhancements someday!

HFR: What gear do you use to compose music? What are your favorite pieces of hard/software? Why?

R: I am mixing and sequencing everything in FL Studio (absolutely love it). My favorite VSTs are Massive and Synth1. I still think that Synth1 is the best free VST for synthwave!
I also have a Korg Minilogue (since April) and Ibanez Gio (the guitar I rarely use).
I am planning to get more hardware as time goes by.

HFR: Rsxperiments in a near future? What can we expect from you after this EP?

R: I will continue to produce space/robotic themed synthwave. Maybe I’ll do something different like Miami Dreamride and Roadway Nocturne.

Oh, and I am slowly preparing myself to play live. Who knows, maybe next year you will see me on the stage. 😉

HFR: Last words?

R: Many thanks to everyone who supported me so far! Thank you Headphones For Robots for this interview!

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