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Interview with Hubrid

Hubrid, a French Darksynth producer, has just released his new album Cosmic Memories. We took the time to chat a bit.

Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: Who is Hubrid? Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Hubrid: Hello and thank you for your interview. I am a French producer in my 30s, living near Nancy area (more exactly in Pont a moussonsoon – Long Live Lorraine).

 My Style → Synthwave / Darksynth / Metalsynth / Electro / Chillwave / Spacesynth

HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences?

H: I started at the end of 2015 and I wrote my first album Hubrid – Prototype.

Far cry blood dragon OSTmade me discover POWER GLOVE. My first influences also comes from Lazerhawk and his album Skull And Shark and of Carpenter Brut.

I also like various artists like Celldweller, GosT, DANCE WITH THE DEAD Master Boot (Vulta ♥)

I also like Wice, Volkor x, Powercyan, Hollywood Burns, SeYSMIC, Darkstronaut, Billy Mays, Perturbator, Masked, Street Cleaner…

HFR: You have just released Cosmic Memories, an 11 track album a bit different from your previous releases. What can you tell us about the making of that album?

H: I love space, I’ve always wanted to experiment chillwave / spacesynth lo-fi glo-fi – a very melodic Episode that mixes synthwave with HOME: Resonance / M83 / Dynatron / Mass effect / Deus Ex Human.

The story of this opus follows the end of my 3rd album Mercenary: The Gynoid Prototype is defeated, the story is over …

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments?

H: I compose with M-Audio Hardware (Speakers bx8) with an M-Track Plus (MKII) leap motion controller, and a powerful computer ^^ my instruments: ob-xtreme, kontakt 5, thorn, manx 100 bit, memorymoon, pro53, unique, serum, spire, legend, cs-80, messiah, bazille.

HFR : Many of our readers produce music too. What is the best advice that you could give them?

H: Love what you produce

Learn from your mistakes, be curious about any Vst, Presets, Samples.

Experience your tests

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith ..

Maybe someday I will collaborate with (The Patchbay) for a project.

HFR: What does inspire you within Sci-Fi, Space and Cyberpunk themes?

H: I am for the evolution of the man. I would have preferred to be born in the future, in about 2 478 years.

Technological progress is great

For now, our body is too limited for space.The titan film is a good evolution of the future of humanity.

Maybe that an evolving cyborg will acquire a strength of knowledge, as well as a greater resistance…

In any case I prepare the cyberwave music for that time.

HFR: Will you play your new album live? Do you have other projects?

H: I’m making an announcement for 2019: I’m looking to remix other Small or BIG producers in the Synthwave / Darksynth / Spacesynth registry

I’m looking to expand my Remix collection and to evolve. I’m cool.

Live shows, one day, maybe…

HFR: Last words?

H: Producers, let’s unite!

Thank you to my friend AtomCyber. I was his first fan. A person who listens to you for your Artwork.

BMX ESCAPE: a good & efficient guy for collaborations

As well as some youtube channels who broadcast my tracks!




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