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Week 44 – Interview with Arrakis

Arrakis, from France has recently released a new EP named Sons Of Stars.

We took this as a perfect occasion to ask him a few questions.

Check out the interview!

Headphones For Robots: Who is Arrakis? Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Arrakis: I am from Provence, I currently live in La Tour d’Aigues, a village in the Luberon, land of vines and plane trees, where the scrubland is burned by the sun when summer comes.

HFR: Very poetic! How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your musical influences?

A: I wanted to start making music when I was 14. Watching one of my parents friend playing guitar all afternoon gave me this desire.I got pretty quickly into it thereafter.

I played various instruments, my favorite being drums, which I practiced intensely for various black metal bands. The latter is a major influence, with Perturbator, in the music I compose.

HFR:  What are your non musical influences (Let me guess, you like Frank Herbert?)

A: Contrary to what one might think, I read very little of Frank Herbert’s Dune saga (I actually only started it). What inspired me to take Arrakis as a name was a documentary that told Jodorowsky’s adventure in the quest for the film Dune, an unsuccessful project that could have been the best SF film to date, as it was visionary, epic and innovative.

HFR: You have just released Sons of Stars, a 7 tracks EP. Who are they, the sons of stars?

A: The idea of adding a deep dimension to my music suits me particularly. Because of this, I tried to give my album an atmosphere, a dimension of metaphysical order: as if we came from elsewhere, as if man descended from gods (as we can see in many spiritual traditions, if not all)

It is an assumption that I like, and that invites to another trip.

We are the sons of the stars.

HFR: What was your approach to compose this EP?

A: For my EP, I wished to combine the two musical genres I like most, black metal and synthwave, in a powerful and positive music.

My forever friend, “Vieux Chêne” has participated on the album. He has created some riffs and notably composed the whole guitar parts on “Eternal Space Travel”.

I can’t tell you much more, except for the fact that it required me constant work for 4-5 months.

HFR: Can you tell us about the artwork which reminds us those of old scifi movies?

A: This cover was made by Cyberpriest, a new guy in the French scene, he has a unique graphic style, I can’t thank him enough for everything he brings visually to my universe.

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your gear? What can we hear on your EP? What are your favorite instruments (hard and soft)?

A: I work on FL Studio, coupled with a USB keyboard. I used Serum and various free vst.

I can’t answer your question about the instruments I prefer.

HFR:Will you play your tracks live? Where can we have the chance to see you?

A: So, I played my first live show on October 20th in Paris, with Carbon Killer, Crusader, SkelOne and Apocalypse 2027.

I don’t have any future dates, but if there are organizers, among your readers, who are looking to play artists, well, they can contact me.

HFR: Do you have a mantra or a sentence that help you to move forward?

A: Be sure to be different, have dreams, and work in this way.

HFR: Last words?

A: Dedication to the guys of Discord Synthwave France, they will recognize each other.

And thanks to you, HFR.


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