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Interview with Shredder 1984

We recently had the chance to talk to Shredder 1984 about Nemesis, his new EP, and other things. Check out the interview!

Headphones For Robots: Who is Shredder 1984?

Shredder 1984: I’m just a French American metalhead cyborg making synth music 🙂  

HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences?

S84:  I’ve been playing in metal bands for more than 10 years now, and tell me if I’m wrong but I think my metal past can be heard in Shredder 1984. My main instrument is the guitar and vocals, but I also compose with other instruments like bass guitar, drums, and synthesizer so I think the Shredder project came quite naturally, it allows me to express myself in an other way, with a mix of metal and 80s/90s movies and video games influences.

HFR: You have just released Nemesis, a new album on Lazerdiscs Records. What can you tell us about it?

S84: I wanted this album to be darker, heavier, and with even more riffs than the others because you know that attention span is about two bars before I want to hear something different… haha.

HFR: What is your approach when you produce music? Which are the steps you make when songwriting?

S84: First thing I do is take my guitar and put on some riffs, then I arrange it for the synthesizers and I add the drums. It’s the same writing process that I used in metal, writing guitar tabs and compose for the other instruments. 

I’d say it’s a lot of fun to me writing synthwave songs because I think in metal there are a lot of rules and sometimes the skills are considered more important than the music itself, as in the synthwave scene it’s kind of the opposite and there’s a lot of space for experimentation!

HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments?

S84: I never go out without my neon pentagram haha 😉

HFR: You’re known to make memorable shows (I can testify). What do you believe differentiate a producer coming from the metal scene from one coming from the electronic scene?

S84: Thanks a lot! I try to put all my energy in my shows, I’d say metalheads are used to headbang and move more on stage while playing at the same time, but in the crowd that can be different and people with electronic influences will be more likely to dance!

HFR: Will you play your new album live? Do you have other projects?

S84: Yes played it live for the first time 2 weeks ago in Nantes (France) that was an amazing night and the tickets were sold out. Also, I’ll be on tour in the US next year.

HFR: Last words?

S84: If it bleeds, we can kill it !


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