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Interview with Baldocaster

Moonrise is the first release of Baldocaster on Lazerdisc records and the least we can say is that it sounds great. We had the chance to talk to this awesome new synthwave producer. Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: Who is Baldocaster? Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Baldocaster: Hey! My name is David, I’m originally from England but moved across the ocean to America when I was 10 years old. Now I’m in North Carolina on the east coast. You couldn’t tell I’m British if you met me haha.

HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences?

B: I started with guitar way back when I was young, and played in a few prog rock bands through my college years. But I’ve always had a deep love of the more melodic & song oriented electronic artists like Daft Punk, Justice, Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre. The real push over the edge for me came when I discovered Waveshaper. I heard how brilliantly he fused those kinds of artists I love, with the synthwave aesthetic and impeccable songwriting & sound design.

HFR: When you don’t play music, what do you (enjoy to) do?

B: I’m obsessed with gear so I’ll usually be researching or tinkering with that haha, but I also like a good deep video game to get lost in like Dark Souls or Red Dead. That or watching a good tv show like Westworld. If you couldn’t tell, I love westerns.

HFR: How did you approach writing the songs for your first album, Moonrise?

B: After spending a bunch of time figuring out the direction I wanted to go in (putting out a few singles along the way) I basically just locked myself away in my studio for 3 months writing every day before, after and during work haha. I feel like my process is maybe a bit unhealthy. I can’t have multiple songs unfinished at once and just sort of bounce back and forth. That drives me nuts! I start an idea then, if I get very excited about it, I become obsessed with working on that that song for a few days or week or more until I’ve finished it. I tried to listen to lots of good inspirational music while working on it. Like Majeure or Pilotpriest, to name a few.

HFR: About the name of your tracks, do you like astronomy? What does attract you in space?

B: This album was definitely taking on a space-y sort of vibe, and after I had 1 or 2 track titles with the Sun/Moon theme I just kind of committed to it haha. In my head there is a very silly and loose theme, but it’s really just in the titles. The crazy nature of the space vibe just felt right because it doesn’t take itself too seriously 🙂

HFR: Do you believe that in the streaming world we are now living in, the album format still has its place?

B: Absolutely! Even if it’s just for the creators themselves. Artists seem to overwhelmingly enjoy making collections of related songs. I certainly do. It allows the songs to breathe more. You don’t end up thinking about making every single song the kind that’s gonna immediately grab somebody’s attention. I very much enjoy taking diversions and doing little interludes and weird song structures. Albums let those kinds of songs have a place to be impactful. “Ritual” from my album is an example of that kinda thing.

HFR: What is your “go to” equipment? What do you use when composing and which are your favorite instruments? Are you a software or a hardware guy?

B: I use a mix of both, but definitely more hardware synths overall. My absolute favorite is my old Roland Juno-60. It was the first synth I acquired and it’s what I learned synthesis on. That thing just sounds unbelievably good no matter how you set it! On the album I also heavily used my OB-6 and 2 older synths that I no longer have – a Moog Prodigy and a Roland ProMars.

HFR : Many of our readers produce music too. What is the best advice that you could give them?

B: Just keep creating! You can only learn more and get better 🙂

HFR: Will you play your new album live? If so, how can a synthwave artist express himself on stage?  

B: I don’t have any plans to do live shows right now, but never say never!

HFR: Do you have other projects?

B: Baldocaster is my only musical project right now. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m putting everything into it. But I do work on other styles of music for work.

HFR: Last words?

B: Thankyou so much for taking the time to listen and talk with me! It still blows my mind every time somebody wants to listen to my music. I appreciate it very much.

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