Absolute Valentine, from Marseille, France has just released Omega, a new epic album on Lazerdisc Records.

We’re super glad to have him answer this Chinese portrait, giving us the occasion to understand better this man behind the superhero.

If you were…

An animal: For sure I will be a panther. It’s animal you never see in the nature, but if you see it, it’s too late for you, you are already under attack

A color: Magenta as this color appears with the sun go down

A mood: Love

A sport: Volley ball as it’s a team sports and very technical

A country: France

A city: Marseille as it’s my hometown and i need the sun and sea 😉

A vegetable: A potato lol, it’s robust !!!

A series: Haters back off

A movie: Robocop !!!

An actor: Jason Statham

An actress: Natalie Portman, in the movie The Professional she is amazing !!!

A movie director: John Carpenter

A book: 1984 by Georges Orwell

A poet: Baudelaire, Spleen is like me

A comic: The crow, it was one of my first comic

A video game: Resident Evil

A game console: SNK Neo Geo Da best console !!!

An album: The Downward Spiral by NIN

An Absolute Valentine album: OMEGA

A track: Stress by Justice

Absolute Valentine: A hero

Trump: a crazy president

A new synthwave producer: Billy Mays Band and Until Ben

David Guetta: He knows how to do fest !!!!

A VST: Serum

A hardware synth: Prophet 5

A band: Metallica

A word: Justice


Check out the album on Bandcamp:


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