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Fixions Chinese Portrait

A new Fixions album (Sleepwatcher), an event. Perfect time to know the darksynth producer a little more, submitting him to the Chinese Portrait  ordeal.


If you were… what/who would you be?/ What would you do?/Why?

A country: Japan.
A city: Neo-Tokyo
A vegetable: I’de like to tell you more about it. But I will not. My vegetable-totem will stay secret.
A series: Yuyu Hakusho. Best anime ever.
A movie: Blade Runner for sure. Even the first version with narrator speaking will be fine.
An actor: Robert Zdar. RIP.
An actress: Robert Zdar. With a wig.
A movie director: Ridley Scott. Because Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Black Rain, Legend….
A book: Probably a gamebook. The Warlock of the Firetop Mountain, as it was the first one I discovered, or the whole Sortilege serie, probably the best gamebook serie ever.
A comic: First Spriggan tome (‘Striker for european version) or AD Police file. Or 3 first Gunnm tomes. I like the whole first serie but I really prefer when action is taking place in the dump/city.
A video game: Kid Chameleon (Genesis)
A game console: Atari Jaguar. Just because I never played it yet.
Fixions: Hey mate that’s me! Have a sit and enjoy the violence.
A religion: I like these new evangelist stuff. I’m not a christian yet but, people searching in the streets for sick to heal, I like it. And sometimes it even works.
A new synthwave producer: That‘s a strange question to ask to a new synthwave producer.
Jean-Michel Jarre: is a genius.
Emmanuel Macron: is a genius also. An evil genius.
A VST: Probably Nexus. So 90s.
A hardware synth: Prophet 5
A mixing trick: Let’s say sidechain.
A word: Justice.


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