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Interview with Terminateur Benelux

We had the chance to talk to Terminateur Benelux about the recent release of Mind Upload, his new EP and about other things.

Check out the interview (and the great music).


Headphones For Robots: Who is Terminateur Benelux? Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Terminateur Benelux: I’m from Belgium the Northern Kempen city Turnhout known for it’s playcards and graphics industry, also am a graphics engineer from grade.



HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences? 

TB: It may sound odd I learned to assemble a computer from a friend that is a hacker in the neighborhood when I was 9 years old and with my geek friend we made my first music machine, an intel 386 with a Soundblaster card, first music program I used was scream tracker and fast tracker 2 programs alike sunvox it was the year 1991. Composing was not really priority and started buying records. hardcore vynils were my first collectives and played in pubs and parties where my style grew out to trance at my sister’s pub and techno at another pub with hometown deejay friends. My biggest influence was when i went to electro parties that were organized by friends or on underground party locations, while playing in pubs the people ask you to play records they like which made my collection of records variant to 70’s and 80’s New wave so I have lots to choose from at what inspiration is about.

HFR: You have recently released Mind Upload, with 6 new tracks. What is it all about? Do you think that the mind is just a program that we could copy, upgrade and… upload?

TB: That are the questions that have to be revealed by scientists what we know all is made of atoms then the question is can the atom be captured and have its own space inside a machine to create itself an A.I.



HFR: How did you approach writing the songs for this album?

TB: Mind Upload is the first cyberpunk project that I mixed down in high-quality 32-bit master with the right tools. Had the project loop files from Reveal Sound and gave it a signature with some Respire synthplay.

HFR: You have also rereleased one of your previous album, Infiltrator. What was your purpose?

TB: Infiltrator is my memorial of the first Cyberdyne network group on SoundCloud were waves met for a year and learned to know many artists. It was the most qualitative songs made while I was running Skynet radio at that time with its playlists still up on T.B.2 Sc profile



HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go-to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments? Do you prefer Software or Hardware?

TB: I combine Software and Hardware as well as analog modeling digital sound, I’m specialized in Reason, work with it from version 2.5, I just started with Cubase Artist 10. I love Akai controllers, have 2 of them and some hardware I don’t have so much space to go all in hardware and try to keep it at low budget and discounts when buying Software and Hardware 

HFR: Will you play your new album live? Do you have other projects?

TB: The first go-to when I create songs is Reason and I once performed in 2006 with it live, the loading of this DAWs songs require double processor power when both open and crashes the computer, now 15 years later it still haves the same problem, there still isn’t the right system that can handle a big setup except for playing bounced audio tracks and  then the modulation fun is over, I’m really curious when quantum computing becomes affordable a computer that can do anything. I have a nickname for my reworked older less attractive songs that’s Droid Splash, when doing remixes they are named after Retroflux.

HFR: Last words?

TB: Yeah I recently started a community with the Cyberdyne Network Skynet Radio on  BandLab promoting music for educational purposes and influences for musicians on that platform, so if you like to drop a song on my channel make it synth or cyber and we can work it out! 


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