Synth Junipero : A Retrowave Compilation

Lazerdiscs Records has just released Synth Junipero, an exquisite retrowave compilation, perfect to enjoy the summer breeze.


Retrowave is retro-futuristic synth music influenced by 1980’s film soundtracks and video games, in both sound and visual aesthetic. An expression of nostalgia for the 1980’s pop culture by capturing the era’s atmosphere and celebrating it.

‘Synth Junipero – A Retrowave Compilation’ is an album of 17 tracks, assembled by the people behind ‘San Junipero’, the well-established Retrowave Club Night that has been filling venues in New York and Los Angeles. Our party was created out of love for ‘that decade’ – fashion and aesthetic, with the purpose of bringing like-minded people together in a nightlife setting… to dance to the exciting new sounds from some of the best contemporary electronic artists the genre has to offer.

The response to the night has been so positive that we decided to compile a selection of our favorite tracks, by some of our favorite artists, and make an album. What you’ll find here is a mix of both well known and underground releases that best represent the emerging Retrowave genre. There is no filler here. It’s simply the best of the best.

If anyone ever asked you what Retrowave is all about, this is the album to introduce them to. And we’re sure they’ll agree… This much is true.

‘Synth Junipero’ is all about the music, the artists who make it, and a community built on respect, unity and the appreciation for the art. Thank you for your support and who remember: We will be with you every beat of the way!


Support the artists

1/ AM 1984

2/ Ace Buchannon

3/ CJ Burnett

4/ Mark Dee

5/ Brandon

6/ Thought Beings

7/ Turbo Knight


9/ Robert Parker

10/ Morgan Willis

11/ Sellorekt/LA Dreams

12/ Shyguys

13/ Stealth

14/ OSC

15/ Nick Leroy

16/ Popcorn Kid


@Cover Art: Andrew Tremblay

@Community Manager & Publicist: Darren deToni

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