A new logo for HFR and an interview with Atomcyber

After a few years of existence, we thought it was time to revamp our website.

So we were really happy to have Atomcyber help us redesign our Cylon robot with some awesomely cool red headphones!

What else? He kindly accepted to answer a few questions.

Read this great interview to learn a bit more about this cybergenius artist!



Headphones For Robots: Who is Atomcyber? Where do you come from? Where do you live?

Atomcyber: Hi! I’m Thomas, I live in France, in a very little town in the countryside of Normandy, not very far from the famous Mont-Saint-Michel.


HFR: How did you start making art? Have you followed an art school or have you learn by yourself? 

A: I have always drawn more or less, as far as I remember, but I didn’t follow an art school, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the point of view), and I had to learn alone (and I still keep learning). At first, I remember I wanted to become a sculptor, but life is tortuous.


HFR: There are a lot of women and cybernetics in your work. Could you tell us a bit about your influences? 

A: Well, at first, young, I was like an 80’ies kid, very impressed by the few Japanese anime series I had the chance to watch. The Cat’s eyes series is probably not unrelated to the fact that I mostly draw women characters. 

A bit later, illustration works for sci-fi and fantasy in RPG, books or other things I don’t remember well, have really fascinated me. The covers of Caza in particular because I was reading a lot of SF books from the “j’ai lu” collection. 

Later, I worked as a joiner for several years, learning some interesting stuff about perspective, technical drawing and working a lot with machine-tools which would probably be one aspect of my cybernetics drawing. I’ve always liked all theses accurate and old tools in this job. 

From that time, I started learning anatomy alone with the book of Burn Hogarth, which probably left some traces. That was a fascinating and long journey with it. 

Later again (damn I’m old!), I rediscovered all these old Japanese series and saw for the first time a lot of them, Ghost in the shell among others, which had an undeniable impact on me.

But I wasn’t drawing cyber stuff at this time yet, I was more into sculpture (and I still am) and my references were really different: Michel Ange, Le Bernin,  the greek sculptures, etc. all these old masters, they are always a great inspiration for me.

I probably first have to mention Hans Bellmer and his “Doll games” and sculptures, because it’s something which is maybe the closest to my interest for gynoïds/machine/women and their design as well (I tried to make one myself).


Doll’s back


I was awesomely surprised to see it in Ghost in the shell 2 from Oshii, that probably closed a loop and made a click. 

Otherwise, about the bunch of women in my drawings, I would say that the erotic feeling of the body is something very strong and well,  I keep to explore that.


Cyber fatale
Cyber fatale


HFR: You seem to work with several techniques. What are your favorite and why? What is your “go to” equipment?

A: Hard to answer, I like the traditional way very much, but I have to work more on it to be better, so the digital way for illustration is currently easier. I like a lot to combine traditional pencil drawing and digital coloring, even if these pieces are always longer and more difficult to do.


image pencil +digital
image pencil +digital



So,the “go to” is digital these days: Photoshop and Wacom Intuos.


HFR: You have designed the cover of a good amount of synthwave and darksynth artists. What is the link between you and that particular genre of music?

A: In fact, about 4 years ago I wanted to go further in drawing stuff. I wasn’t drawing a lot at that time, no real projects, only sculptures in clay. So I wanted to make a scifi comics to draw again and more, and I wanted some music to fit the mood (I was only listening to jazz and a lot of baroque music at that time) and I discovered synthwave via the Hotline Miami compilation. I found that was really great, the perfect fusion for my inspiration. And by some way, I have put what I wanted to draw to illustrate this music instead of my initial project which finally remained blurry and still is.


First Synthwave Cover
First Synthwave Cover



HFR: What piece of work are you the proudest of? Why ?(with a photo please)

A: It’s probably my recent “cybernetic anatomy” sculpture which is a current outcome of all my sculptures, anatomy and illustrations works. Sculpture is much harder than drawing (for me anyway) because of the material aspect of it. I’m very happy to match my illustrations works with sculpture and to managed to have it in concrete reality (and she is in concrete material^^)


cybernetic anatomy
cybernetic anatomy


HFR: Do you plan to expose your work?

A: I wish it but I have no plan for that currently and I don’t know really how to proceed yet (have to work on that).


HFR: Last words?

A: Thanx a lot for having me here, I’m very glad to be interviewed by such a great website, what a chance! Thanx!


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