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Interview with Cassetter

Before closing the website, I wanted to have a great artist. So I’m very happy to have Cassetter with us today as his music is great, and he may be the artist we have covered the most on the blog.

Before closing the website, I wanted to have a great artist. So I’m very happy to have Cassetter with us today as his music is great, and he may be the artist we have covered the most on the blog.

Big thanks to him.

Check out the interview.

Headphones For Robots: Who is Cassetter? Where do you come from? Where do you live?


Hey I’m Matt and Cassetter is my alias and musical project which I launched in 2018. I was born in Warsaw and I live there. I produce electronic music with lots of synths and with a cyberpunk theme, which some may call cybersynth. 

HFR: How did you start making music? Could you tell us a bit about your influences? 


I had a short episode with creating music 15 years ago or so. I made two or three tracks, but they were pretty amateur – I didn’t even know what compression or eq is back then… When I was trying to make something a bit more complex it appeared that it’s too much for my old CPU and that’s how my first adventure with producing ended. In 2018 after some personal changes I decided to come back to producing with a different approach. I learned how to produce and made my first track. Then I uploaded the second one on Soundcloud. It surprised me that anyone other than me enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun while producing. It has become my passion.

As for my inspirations, I’ve been always listening to a lot of electronic music. It started around 2000 with old Tiesto compilation “n Search Of Sunrise 2”. As for synthwave, I discovered it several years ago. I’ve been a Vitalic fan for years. He has his unique style and I’ve always been trying to look for something similar. Then I came into Kavinsky which is different but it still sounded great. After that I dug deeper into the genre and started enjoying artists like Daniel Deluxe, Wice or Isidor. I listen to all kinds of electronic music genres, like electro, trance or drum & bass. The Hacker, Infected Mushroom, Delta Heavy are among my favorites. I also love g-house and brazilian bass producers like NuKid, Felguk or Cat Dealers. I think that everything I mentioned before have influenced my style a little bit.

Cassetter, the man

HFR: You regularly release singles. What can you tell about your last track?


My last single is called Giant Drill. It is the fourth single from my upcoming second LP “Entropy”, which will be released in July. It is an all-action track with heavy drums & bass and you can expect more of that on the LP. My intention was to mix synthwave vibes with some bass house elements in this one. 

HFR: How did you approach writing your songs?


Usually what comes first is the idea, general theme for the song. Then I choose the tempo and work on kick and snare, which is the base. After it I work on the melody. Sometimes I play around, but often the melody appears in my head just from nowhere, usually not when I’m at home. Then I quickly record it on my phone in order to not forget it and later I enter it into the piano roll. Having the first melody, composing the rest of the song comes quite instinctively. I divide creative and mixing sessions. For these first mentioned I often use a picture or video to get inspired and stimulants are also allowed 🙂 For mixing sessions I need to stay focused so it’s a different story. And there are some clean-up sessions, cause usually after creative sessions my projects look like a mess haha.

HFR: Do you think you’ll make a new album? (Why?)


Sure, actually the new album is almost ready and it will be released in July! It will consist of 14 tracks. Some singles from the album are already released, like “Catch Me If You Can” or “Blue Cabriolet”. It will be more futuristic than my first album, but people who liked “The Fugitive” should enjoy this one too. Also I’m slowly starting to work on another material – I can’t say too much for now, except that it will be quite experimental and different from what I usually produce.  


HFR: Could you tell us a bit about your “go to” equipment? What do you use when writing a song and which are your favorite instruments? Do you prefer Software or Hardware ?


I’ve been working on FL Studio DAW and soft synths so far. I’d say Xfer Serum is my main VST for now – I think it’s an awesome and very powerful tool with almost unlimited possibilities. There are so many modulation options and I love to design sounds and effects there. I also use other virtual instruments like Sytrus or Sylenth. In Sylenth there aren’t so many modulation options, though it sounds unique and warm so it’s still useful in some cases. Also, I also use a lot of internal FL Studio plugins and some other too – like Soundtoys tools.

HFR: How do you live COVID19? 


It was stressful at the beginning and it definitely changed my life, hopefully only for some time. I work from home and nightlife has suddenly disappeared. But after all, there are much worse things than staying at home and my family and friends are healthy so far, so I really can’t complain. There are other people whose situation is much worse and I feel sorry for them. I hope it will get better quickly. Our ancestors had to deal with even worse things, so I think we’ll get through this together too!

HFR: Will you play your music live? Do you have other projects?


Hopefully! I played a gig last year and when it will be possible, I’ll do some more for sure. As for live streaming it is something I’m considering too and if we won’t be able to play fully live in the future, I plan to work more on that. I am also planning to work on some synthwave DJ mixes if time allows. There are some great synthwave DJ mixes out there (especially these recorded by NightWav DJ’s), but still not too many. It’s perhaps because synthwave tracks aren’t as DJ friendly as house is for example and most of the producers play on keyboard during live shows, but I prefer the DJ controller. 

HFR: Last words?


Thank you for this interview. I heard that you will not continue with your blog and that’s a pity – I enjoyed your interviews. Good luck with anything you’ll be doing next. And thanks to all listeners for supporting me listening to my music!

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