Retroglyphs – War Torn

We’re glad to introduce a synthpop band on the blog today.

Retroglyphs, from Collingswood, NJ, is the 80s inspired retro-wave project started by Frank Cervantes and Josh Dowiak. Inspired by some of their favorite 80s groups such as Tears for Fears and New Order, the duo is committed to making new original material that honors their own creativity while paying homage to their influences.  Continue reading “Retroglyphs – War Torn”

Dimi Kaye – June of ’92

Dimi Kaye is inviting us to a trip back to June of ’92

Dimi Kaye is a Synthwave/Dreamwave producer from Greece and based in Germany. His sound fuses midtempo rhythms with synth chords and melodies that create a purely nostalgic and melancholic feeling. His melodic guitar solos add even more to the whole experience and are becoming his signature. The goal of his music is to bring back memories of a time long gone but not forgotten. Continue reading “Dimi Kaye – June of ’92”