Interview with Jean Of mArc

Jean Of mArc is a video game composer that specializes in music with a retro and animated vibe. Most of his work focuses on soundtracks, chiptunes or arrangements of existing video game music. His main works are on Sentinels of the Multiverse, Lazer Ryderz and Bottom of the 9th, but can also be heard within the Chiptunes = WIN, Materia Collective and OverClocked ReMix communities.

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Be Somebody by Icarus

Icarus is an independent electronic music producer and musician currently underway releasing his first single named Be Somebody. His music would be best described as pop songs heavily influenced by the retro wave genre and theme songs found in 80’s sci-fi movies combined with vocoder and talk box mixed vocals. Each song is meant to with sound visualize a story from the futuristic universe where he is originated from, a place where the line that separates human from machine is long gone. Continue reading “Be Somebody by Icarus”