Angelic Deceptions – This is not your fault

Angelic Deceptions is a Swedish electronic act that varies from the more aggressive sound of the industrial synth to a mellow laid back sound that could almost fit in your favorite elevator. This latest release is of the softer variety. Starts of with the depressing insight of how you never managed to live up to expectations and ends up with the fan-favorite This is not your fault. Continue reading “Angelic Deceptions – This is not your fault”

Si Ro – Palm Boulevard

Based in Oxford in the UK, Si Ro has been producing electronic music since 1997. Originally producing psytrance only using outboard hardware and minidiscs, he has since progressed to a hardware/software studio combination.
“I have become interested in emulating retro 80s style synth sounds in recent years and have been creating synthwave and new-retrowave tracks regularly. “

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Apeidon – déjà vu

Déjà vu is a powerful track by Apeidon, a spanish electronic music producer.

“Apeidon is a project that I started a few years ago as an attempt to open my mind to new music and diversity. The name comes from an anaximander term called ‘Apeiron’ that refers to the things beyond infinity, my influences are musicians as justice, daft punk, madeon, frank ocean, kanye west, tyler the creator, etc.  Continue reading “Apeidon – déjà vu”