crystalblue64 – Starscapes

Starscapes by crystalblue64

“I’m  from the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the centers of synth music since the 1960’s.   I’ve only been recently introduced to synthesizers after acquiring an old Kurzweil K2000 from a local musician a few months ago in a yard sale.  I’ve been obsessed with synth music ever since.
I’m not good with computers, so I do not use a DAW  to make music.  I use vintage hardware synths and a sequencer only because it’s easier for me to do things the old way.

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The Return (State Remix)

Alex aka State is a producer from New Zealand.

“As a kid, I grew up watching slightly old films like Naked Gun. and Back to the Future, among others, and when Stranger Things came out I loved it so much as it brought me back to being a kid and also had a great story and refreshing elements to it, not to mention that amazing soundtrack that came with the whole experience. I had a nostalgic explosion in my brain, and that motivated me to make a remix of my favorite song from the soundtrack – The Return. ” Continue reading “The Return (State Remix)”